Tuesday, April 12, 2011

L a p a l u x ♥

Essex’s Stuart Howard , the amazing lapalux (UK) , is fixated on sound since age twelve!

“I used to get home from school and spend hours making little lo-fi loops and songs using the primitive riff editor on my PlayStation. I used to use an mp3 player with an inbuilt microphone to record conversations with friends and sounds with interesting dynamics and tonality. I’d collect them all up, get home, and spend hours at the computer making music out of all the random recordings. I think that’s why Ive always liked being a solo artist because it gives me the freedom to do specifically what I want to do.”

A thing that i've actualy noticed, is that he is making new tunes all the time, it seems like he never sleeps! that is really love for his work, and it's such a goood work!

Here is the  Lapalux's 25 min mix   for Boiler Room!  
Please listen and love it!

Check also the vid of his latest and amazing tune Kelly Brook. 
L o v e  i t

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