Sunday, April 3, 2011

Falty DL .You Stand Uncertain

When Falty DL released his 2009 debut on Planet Mu, Love is a Liability, it was notionally tied to dubstep, despite not sounding much like the sound at the time. A combination of irregular but still funky drums, bass and light musical surfaces, it stood out and was recognised for it’s distinctiveness - this was a native New Yorker interpreting his love of British dance music from a unique angle.

Things have evolved a lot on "You Stand Uncertain". From the very beginning the listener is plunged into his new focus on layered dusty atmospheres.
Although at times it’s anchored in the familiar basslines and rhythm science of uk dance, as heard in his previous material, on this album it’s clear that Drew has been soaking up some of his native city’s musical past such as disco, house and hip hop.

01 Gospel of Opal [ft. Anneka]
02 The Pacifist
03 Open Space
04 Brazil [ft. Lily McKenzie]
05 Eight Eighteen Ten
06 It's All Good
07 You Stand Uncertain
08 Lucky Luciano
09 Voyager
10 Tell Them Stories
11 Play With My Heart
12 Waited Patiently [ft. Lily McKenzie]

L i s t e n  L o v e  D o w n l o a d

Falty DL - The Pacifist


Falty DL- You Stand Uncertain



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