Monday, May 30, 2011

K u t m a h . the new error 2

Justin  KUTMAH Mcnulty, an amazing DJ, producer and visual artist that everyone must check.  The New Error Vol. 2   is the 2nd Edition of a limited-edition three volume mix cd series  released in May 2011, coinciding with KUTMAH’s “Two Soups And A Honeybun” touring art show, containing 25 unreleased beats by MADLIB, FLYING LOTUS, DAKIM, JEREMIAH JAE, MONO/POLY, DIBIA$E, SHLOHMO, SHAFIQ, EPROM, LORN & more, plus original productions by KUTMAH featuring JON WAYNE and ZACKEY FORCE FUNK, as well as two dozen additional tracks including J-ROCC, JAMES BLAKE, LAZER SWORD, BROADCAST, MR. OIZO, VINCENT GALLO and OUTKAST.

You must grab this!! it's reaaalllyy goood! 
Here is the sampler! enjoy!

KUTMAH "The New Error" Vol. 2 (sampler) by HIT+RUN

Must Check his true life story 'i was deported'

PS:  im loving his artwork! The  “Two Soups & A Honeybun”, is the full collection of 39 drawings Kutmah created while he was in prison.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

D a n a e t . we be clubbin

Im loving this Danaet reclub of We be clubbin from Ice cube. Seriously can't stop listen to this! swaagg

We Be Clubbin (Danaet reclub) by Breathing Beats

Check hiiim out!


Friday, May 27, 2011

S a m i y a m . C u s h i o n

In case you missed out on Brainfeeder, here’s a new sick tune of Samiyam‘s upcoming “Sam Baker’s Album” releasing on Brainfeeder next month June 28th! Really can't wait for that day. this album is gonna be goood! With lots of broken beats, massive bass, wonky noise, and just enough melody to hum along to.

L i s t e n L o v e A n d D o w n l o a d 


You can download this on XLR8!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

B e a t C u l t u r e . Ginza Waterway EP

Beat Culture just released his new Ginza Waterway EP! A 2-step/dub/ambient trip into the city. Goes from dark to bright, give it patience.
Really loving this! Lovely sounds, amazing beats and beautiful catchy femal vocal.
'Never see me' is so good 

L i s t e n L o v e A n d D o w n l o a d

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Opsckurr 1:11 - Zack Christ and Danaet

I'm in love with this mixtape! Zack Christ and Danaet from Tall Prawn just made it BIG ! perfect combination of sounds and beats.. soo goood! This guys are really a must check! such great work they have! So just make a favour and download this!! you will thank me later
ps: looooovee min 29 ( we be clubbin -danaet refix ) daamnn mann 

L i s t e n L o v e A n d D o w n l o a d

Opsckurr 1:11 (mixtape by zack christ and danaet) by Tall Prawn

zack christ and danaet - Field recordings n' shit [Unreleased of course] 
fLako - Chroma [Project: Mooncircle] 
Yusef Lateef - Like It Is [Atlantic] 
Baths - Rain Smell [Anticon] 
Rumle - Sun Is Out (zack christ resnap) [Unreleased] 
Rumpistol - Talk To You [Rump Recordings] 
Spejderrobot - Du Kan Ikke Tælle Ned Til Et Lyn [City Hall Music] 
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Radio Prague [Virgin] 
Flying Lotus - Ganesh [White Label] 
Danaet - Bringit (Acappella) [Unreleased] 
Onra - Porn [Favorite Recordings] 
Aslope - Stories [VUF Records] 
Ice Cube & DMX - We Be Clubbin (Danaet Reclub) [Unreleased] 
Fuer.steps - Lunar Dust [Error Broadcast] 
Fuer.steps - Lunar Dust (zack christ x Danaet Spice-Up) [Unreleased] 

MUST Check more:


B e a t s o f r e e n . 1 9 6 5

Here is an amazing new beat from Beatsofreen!

The idea of this beat has been inspired by the dreadful military conflict in Vietnam, back in the 60's and 70's.
The title '1965' refers to the year that president Johnson from the United States started 'Operation Rolling Thunder', a aerial bombardment campaign against Vietnam.
864.000 tons of American bombs had been dropped on North Vietnam during Rolling Thunder, 200.000 Vietnamese civilians were killed.

The theme in this beat speaks for itself.
History repeats in '1965' !

Beatsofreen - 1965 by Beatsofreen

Also must check his first beat tape here! love love love it

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E l a n . big up podcast

Elan , Californian beat maker from wedidit! (amazing collective!! really love the work of all of them.)
Just made this Podcats for Big Up. I'm really feeling this! big big one!!  Also must check his new Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP !!

L i s t en  L o v e A n d D o w n l o a d !


Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s (eLan’s remix)
devonwho – lightwell
Suzi Analogue – RopTamen
mndsgn – slumbr
Shlohmo – Forgot I Was Here
eLan – Runnin’ Circles
Ahnnu – Gala
Fatima – Soul Glo
Lazer Sword – I’m Gone (Low Limit remix)
PUDGE – Scientific
Three 6 Mafia – Sipping On Some Sizzurp (eLan’s remix)
eLan – video return
Obey City – melted magic
Teeko – Free Ya Soul
Quelle – Condiment
Mike Gao – Don’t Fake the Funk (feat Zackey Force Funk)
Billion Dollar Quartet – Pit Stop (remix)
Sir Froderick – Babe
eLan – marin8
Mike Gao – Murasaki Kumo
NastyNasty – Prognosis
Dj Pound – Restart
eLan – Parallel Selves
Blqbrd – Not Worth Listening To
Groundislava – Animal (feat Jake Weary)
Psaul – Catch U (eLan’s remix)
Mike Gao – Straight144

More info about this here!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

S h l o h m o

Shlohmo! daamn i love all his work. I've been listening this all day long, and i can't get enough..  every beat is so powerfull and so beautiful that really moves my feelings... i would say.. pure love!

Here are some of my favourites..  E n j o y    

MusicPlaylistView Profile
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N e w S o u l

Loving this song and this video from BERG SANS NIPPLE.
Thanks for sharing this with me.


G a n g O f F e w

Good morning!! I'm so so happy! yesturday I've been invited to join the Gang of Few!a collective of like minded people and the blogs they produce.
Also joins, Life crushedLyfstyleDacopsSynesthesiae films and Japonies.

Check it check itGang of Few


Sunday, May 22, 2011

A i r h e a d . m a p s

Good morning! just love this beautiful Airhead remix of Maps from Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

G r o u n d i s l a v a . Y o u n g l a v a

Loving this tune from Groundislava  EP
Check his soundcloud!


Y o u n g M o n t a n a ?

Today i woke up with the fresh Sacré cool from the new debut album- Limerence by Young Montana?   The sun is shining, really feels like summer, and this song, just fits perfectly.
L o v e  i t

Check all album here!!
And the Album sampler

Young Montana? - 'Limerence' Album Sampler <<< OUT NOW by Young Montana?

Check more from Young Montana?


Friday, May 20, 2011

F a c t N i g h t ♥

Here is a fantastic video showing a little of the Fact Night at Lux! An amazing night With LIL SILVA GALA DROP, J-WOW, KASPAR, RASTRONAUTINFESTUS , VOODOO KID and EXOTIQUE.
The video was made by the talented João Retorta from Lisbon Youth.

FACT NIGHT from FACT PT on Vimeo.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

S. m a h a r b a . N T S r a d i o

Last week i've listen to this live set of S.maharba for You'll Soon Know on NTS Radio. This was sooooo goood! i was really tired at that time but i just couldn't stop listening.. so if you missed it, listen itt! and better, Download it!
E n j o y  

You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker & Special Guest S. Maharba 09.05.2011 by NTS RADIO

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

O d d l o g i c R e m i x ( Zack Christ - koofpoin low)

Alex Gohorel aka Oddlogic from OUTLIER RECORDINGS, just made this fresh remix of Zack Christ "Koofpoin Low" . Really loving it!! You must check him out as well Zack Christ! Amazing different sounds for your ears.

Zack Christ- Koofpoin Low (oddlogic remix) by OUTLIER RECORDINGS

Check more:
facebook- oddlogic
facebook- zack christ


T O K i M O N S T A c r e a t u r e d r e a m s

The new TOKiMONSTA EP is out!! The super-talented Jennifer Lee brings some Creature dreams ! An amazing Ep full of magical sounds. " A fantastical midnight waltz through woozy beats and sublime atmospherics, a romantic excursion under starry expanses". Must check it HERE!

L o v e  t h i s

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

S w i t c h S t ( d ) a n c e

SwitchSt(d)ance Promo from SwitchSt(d)ance on Vimeo.

SwitchSt(d)ance  played Thursday at Odessa for the breathing beats lauch, and was so dope! serious serious!  If you live in Lisbon must follow hiim!

'One of the most interesting musicians on Portuguese electronic scene without doubt is SwitchSt(d)ance. In an ocean of modern production and djs this young artist brings fresh, new and different sound. As a passionate music collector his years of dedicated exploring world's music scene and his affection for new and experimental ideas resulted in eclectic and visionary explosion of his dj sets that please the most demanding ear and taste.'

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M e m o o s h ( Soosh and Memotone )

Seriously, when Soosh publishes a new song, I always have to share it here. The tunes are always so beautiful. This one, a collaboration with Memotone, is absolutly lovely, another one that i will listen over and over again. Really 'have something'.
L o v e i t .

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M o u n t K i m b i e . F i e l d

Yesturday Mounbt Kimbie  played at MusicBox Lisboa. Loved the concert so much! It was such a perfect moment, really made me happy, but as always, all that is good ends so fast..! (why??)
This moment, when they played "Field", was really something!!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

I n f i n i t e P o t e n t i a l s . L o v e S o n g

Loving this 'Love song' by Infinite Potencials. Kris Infinity has a really great work!  This is absolutly beautiful and delightful. Can't stop listening!

E n j o y

L♡vesng.. download link now in 'description' by Infinite Potentials

Download Indigo Shades Vol.2 here!

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

i c h i r o

Here are some amazing fresh beats by Ichiro (Tokyo,Japan). These are my favourite, great atmosphere! in loove 

E n j o y

AEED - Error Code (ichiro_ remix) by Error Broadcast

shionatto by ichiro_

Walnut and raisins by ichiro_

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

M o u n t K i m b i e

I already have my ticket to Mount Kimbie  on 14th May at MusicBox Lisboa . I've been wishing for this day since it was announced, some months ago.. now it's getting closer and i'm verry excited!

I love their work, the Crooks and lover EP is biig as well the Sketch on glass! Basically everything they do is brilliant! Such amazing and different beats. Mood changing melodies that have seduced me since the first time i heard.

Here is their new tune 'Flux' from the upcoming Carbonated EP Out on Hotflush Recordings June 27th

Here are some of my first favourites that i just l o v e !
E n j o y

HF021-B2-Mount Kimbie-Taps by mountkimbie

HF023-A2-Mount Kimbie-Serged by mountkimbie

After listening this i think you definitely don't want to miss this concert!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

L i s b o n Y o u t h . P e d r o M a t o s

Lisbon Youth #1 - Pedro Matos from João Retorta on Vimeo.

Lisbon Youth is a series of short films by João Retorta, a young movie maker from Lisbon, Portugal. In this series, João will showcase the work and life youngsters in Lisbon's underground cultual scene that are making a difference in contemporary culture.
In the first episode, João visited the studio of Pedro Matos - a 21 year-old painter and street artist currently living and working in Lisbon - while he was working for his upcoming solo show at the White Walls and the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, USA.( For those who don't know Pedro's work, make sure you check it out right now!)
The movie was shot and edited by João Retorta and the soundtrack is "Bamboo" -  my favourite track from the amazing new EP Bamboo by Die Von Brau, also a young music producer from Lisbon that i've shown you some weeks ago, check it here! The EP is really beautiful! do your ears a favour and listen to it!

MUST Check more from all this talented youth:ãoRetorta


M e m o t o n e

William Yates aka Memotone (UK) is a young multi-instrumentalist and producer in the reaches of electronica. His sound is made up of layered instrumentation over the top of field recordings, conversation, atmospheres and electronica programming all tied up with live acoustic come wonky MPC built beats, although that is not where it ends.
His music expresses his current focus on nostalgia and memory – trying to express a feeling you get in the present of a feeling you had in the past.
Memotone is trying to look at music in a different light, but feels he still has some way to go before he really gets onto something special. He wants to make music that people can relate to, but that is also fresh and yet slightly alien.
He was invited to join the Black Acre  family, signing a 4 track EP Multicolour with a remix from Lukid. (released on the 28th of March 2011. 12″ Vinyl and MP3). He is now working towards more releases with Black Acre Records and has been chosen to be the first release on the young new label ‘Raised By Records’ with an 2 track EP called ‘Nightwalks’.

I'm totally in love with all his work. Really brilliant and beautiful!

This is e Sampler of the amazing Multicolour album that im loving!
E n j o y

MEMOTONE; Multicolour EP Sampler. OUT ON TEAM ACRE - MARCH 28th by memotone

And the official video of 'Clockwork Horse' from that album!

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S o o s h . a l w a y s

Another beautiful one from Soosh! I'm always falling in love with his tunes.. soo mee . just love it.

Always by Soosh

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

S. m a h a r b a

S. maharba is a producer and artist from England’s Eastern region, Ipswich, whose gloomy, atmospheric and highly original beats have caught the attention of listeners all over the world. The name is notoriously surrounded with images of pin-up girls, however not much is known of the person behind this masquerade of 1970’s sex idols.
I really love his work, all those deep and brilliant tracks. It's a must check!

S. maharba- Jacket Switch

S. maharba - Briefcase Found

This is a a mixtape for Error Broadcast made 6 months ago, but i love it so i share it

l i s t e n l o v e d o w n l o a d

On May 17th, BTS radio will be releasing a very limited mixtape from S.Maharba titled Up In Blood. Limited to 60 copies worldwide, the cassette will be available exclusively through this web store. There will be no digital release or stream for Up In Blood. So make sure you'll be one of the 60!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

f L a k o . L o o s e B e l l s

fLako - Loose Bells from Kwatro on Vimeo.

Cool video for fLako‘s bonus track “Loose Bells” of the “The Mesektet” album out May 20th via Project Mooncircle. This album is gonna be BIG!
Photographed and directed by Robert Winter.

Check the album snippet:
PMC077 - fLako - The Mesektet album snippet by Project Mooncircle

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J a m e s B l a k e . i ' l l S t a y

Love this beautiful James Blake tune from the amazing CMYK EP.


Friday, May 6, 2011

V o o d o o K i D . New podcast

Rui Louro aka VOODOO KiD , has a new podcast  for Crack in the road!
"For a while now VOODOO KiD  has been one of the leading tastemakers in Lisbon, Portugal. He’s been running SWGR, opening a gallery in Soho London, all while studying at Saint Martins. His mix rather wonderfully displays this conflict in world, jumping from jazz numbers to delirium educing dubstep with a surprising level of confidence. Check out the mix below and check out his night if you live in the Lisbon area."

L i s t e n L o v e A n d D o w n l o a d

Gill Scott-Heron ft Jamie XX – Jazz interlude
Bill Evans – Man’s gone now
Odd Trio – The medley
Hypewillams – Untilted
Beatssofreen – Keep Bangin’
Samiyam – Sunrise
Shlohmo – Birthday Beat
Gorillaz – Double-bass
Jeap Beat Collective – Relax yo mind
ODB – Drug free ( feat Deadly Vonomz & Shortly Shit Stain )
Earl sweatshirt – Kill
Kode9 & The Spaceape & Flying Lotus – Kryon
Eskmo – Gold & Stone
Jam City – Scene Girl
Pixelord – Quartz Boy
Elaquent – Cinnamon Sticks
Shlohmo – Ghosts pt 2
Eskmo – Siblings
Tupac – Me against the world

If you like this, "Like" This!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

D 3 3 J . T i d e S o n g s

Djavan Santos aka D33J is another guy from Wedidit. I've just found him yesturday on Wedidit website with his new song "She's deep" that is actually deep! really like it! (you can download it HERE!)  Of course that i researched more about him and just found his amazing Tide Songs EP! it's hard not to like! A perfect combination of different elements, delicious voices, its an outer space ride!
Ps: You have to listen this with your headphones! to listen all the details! (loving "Drowning Pools")

L i s t e n L o v e A n d D o w n l o a d !

Dowloand all EP HERE!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

F a c t N i g h t L i s b o a

Tomorow is the FACT’s Portuguese Launch Party at one of the best clubs in Lisbon- Lux Fragil 
This place just reminds me the best nights i've probably had, and i'm REALLY missing those! So, tomorow i  wont miss this for nothing and you either!! cause it's gonna be one of those epic nights that i dont have like a long time! The best music at the best place. perfect combination! CAN'TT  WAAIIT!!

We will have the big pleasure to listen:

GALA DROP (concert)

Listen a bit of all of them HERE!

And prepare yourself to dance till dawn!! 

Featured at FactMag UK:

FACT’s Portuguese sister site will celebrate its launch this Thursday with a party in Lisbon.
Headlining is Jamie xx, one of the headliners from our recent XOYO party and member of, you guessed it, the xx as well as a recognized producer in his own right. Support comes from reliable hometown weirdos Gala Drop and UK Funky upstart Lil Silva, plus Tiago, Voodoo Kid, Infestus, Rastronaut and Exotique.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

H a n d b o o k

Jake Brown aka Handbook, is a dj and producer from York (UK). He has such an amazing work, that varies from Hip-hop, soul and Electronica. Everyday you have new fresh tunes in his Soundcloud to listen, free download and be delight! He has a new amazing EP Have faith.You can listen all HERE!

Here is just a snippet and some tunes i love
E n j o y

Havefaith - out NOW! by Handbook

Bowler Hat by Handbook

Trust (In Your Eyes) by Handbook

inmycar by Handbook

Check more:


H o l y O t h e r . Y r L o v e

HOLY OTHER yr love (sept. 2010) with this Enter the void clip.. what a crazy movie! wass really excessive. Watch it!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

E x p r e s s R i s i n g . C a p s i z e


W a s h e d O u t . L u c k

WASHED OUT- LUCK from Alan Jensen on Vimeo.

Washed Out is is Ernest Greene, a young guy from Georgia (via South Carolina) who makes bedroom synthpop that sounds blurred and woozily evocative, like someone smeared Vaseline all over an early OMD demo tape, then stayed up all night trying to recreate what they heard.

Loving this fresh beats and the video.