Thursday, March 31, 2011


Olivier Rousseaux,  Somepling, is a music junky. He Started making beats in 1998.  he is influenced by DJ Shadow (entire work…past, present, future…), Express Rising (Dante Carfagna), Pete Rock, DJ Premier, MF Doom, Prefuse 73 (One Word Extinguisher), Flying Lotus, Flyamsam, Cut Chemist, Dan The Automator, Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad, Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw), Madlib, Mo’Wax…
He Has really nice work !
E n j o y 

Somepling - Black Mulberry by Somepling

Somepling - Green Hawthorn by Somepling

Somepling - My Own Versus by Somepling

C h e c k  m o r e :


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jamie XX

Lets talk about Him, yes Jamie XX! I think everybody have already heard about him, if you haven't please be aware!
Jamie Smith, is a 22 year-old producer, remixer and one-third of Mercury prize-winning minimalists the xx – is obsessed with musical spaces and gaps, with absence, and what he calls the "perfect imperfect".
Influenced by Koreless, Ramadanman, Mount Kimbie and Joy Orbison, (a part of an almost indefinable sound that's dominated the UK underground for years). In 2011, it seems, he is about to take it to the next level.
I think his work is really amazing and it's noticeable that he is really increasing.

This was the first set i've heard of Jamie, and i loved it so much that i couldn't stop listening! this made me search about him and his influences, which made me find such great things!
Hope you  l o v e   i t

01 Jamie XX mix for Colette 10 by abeano

Tracklisting and Download!

Some favorites from Jamie:

Falty DL- hip love (Jamie xx remix) - i also love the original one!

FaltyDL - Hip Love (Jamie xx Remix) by RAMP Recordings / PTN

Nosaj Thing- fog (Jamie xx remix)

Nosaj Thing - Fog (Jamie xx Remix) by Pretty Much Amazing

And here is "The Crutch" from his new album with Gil Scott-Heron


Listen all album We're new Here! from Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX here! 
Favorites:  NY is killing me; The Crutch; I'll Take care of You; Home

ps: He's playing in Lisbon on May 5th at lux! couldn't be happier!


Zach Christ. fox on rocks

Zach christ always making an amazing work  

l i s t e n :

Fox On Rocks by zack christ

Stay tuned:



Here you have some fresh tunes from Woulg, from his album Driftowood . Im really felling those. 
Listen . Enjoy.

Woulg- don't, let me (driftwood)

don't, let me by woulg

Woulg- macro (driftwood)

macro by woulg

Woulg- Falling apart

falling apart by woulg

Listen more and download:


Monday, March 28, 2011

Nosaj Thing

The first time I heard of Nosaj thing was when I saw this video, like a year ago, and I just fell in love .. Who wouldn't? He is a genius. I think everyone that watches this amazing video, just falls in love with Nosaj thing. I've been dreaming about listening to him playing live..but i dont know when thats gonna happen..(hope in a near future!) must be incredible! would be one of those BIG happy moments in my life..

Hope you love it and search more about him because really worth.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

my drug

Fremdtunes - Optimace

Fremdtunes is a Dutch, independent music label. The musical spectre ranges from instrumental jazzy boombaptracks to spherical electrohop to glitchy brokenbeats.

Here is a fresh new tune from Optimace
OptiMace - Little Nemo in Slumberland (the devil's dandruff remix) by fremdtunes

Check more and stay tuned at:


ali_be Solitude

It's friday night and im at home (dont know how).. so a reason to search more and more music.
For the ones who stayed also at home tonight,
Listen and enjoy this set from ali_be!


Solitude by ali_be

Check more:


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hidden Hawai

QNS Series Trailer from Hidden Hawaii Digital on Vimeo.


Check more:


Submotion Orchestra .All Yours (Jack Sparrow remix)

Emika .Count Backwards

Watch and listen.
   ♥ it

"Count Backwards is the story of an over-fed yet undernourished soul in search of a little peace and quiet,” explains Emika. “In times of stress, you can count your date of birth backwards or spell your birth month backwards and the logical side of the mind is kicked into action, resulting in a feeling of calm. Counting backwards is a coping mechanism in overwhelming moments of panic.”
"The song is inspired by my best friend from my teenage years. She was a lot older than me and was in therapy. She told me about how our brain works and how it connects thoughts, feelings and creativity. This was the first moment in my life where I became aware of my own creativity."
The single is remixed by British dubstep producers Kryptic Minds who have released several albums, their latest, Lost All Faith, on their own Defcom Records last year. Marcel Dettmann transforms the original song into a deep Techno meditation for which Emika re- sang the vocals. Dettmann is a producer and resident DJ resident at the legendary Berlin club Berghain. He released his debut album Dettmann on the club's label, Ostgut Ton, last year.

Check more:


Thom Yorke. Four Tet. Burial.

Speaking of Radiohead, is crucial telling you about the new project of Thom Yorke, Four Tet, & Burial. They are releasing a collaborative single, “Ego” and “Mirror”, that were premiered on the Four Tet vs. Floating Points Rinse FM show.

You can Listen and download!





Friday, March 25, 2011

Radiohead .King of limbs

Sure that you guys have already heard about the new album from Radiohead, "King of limbs".
It's too early to say that this could be Radiohead's best album to date, because "In Rainbows" was actualy one of those albuns that was played on my ipod, over and over again, and I never had enough, it is absolutely beautiful!
This one is also very good. Some say that some of their songs are weird, but it is precisely that, all the strangeness and versatility of their songs, that I love.

What does Thom Yorke hears on your iPod? According to some data from his office, the musician has heard artists like The XX, Burial and Four Tet. He is Dubstep fan, one of his favorite artists is Emika from Ninja Tune. In its playlist is also many themes of Bach.

We can just notice all those musical influences such as burial, four tet, Emika in this song "Fera" from the new album. I realy love it!

Please go check the new album!
You can listen all here!
Hope you like it!


Thursday, March 24, 2011


So, it's Thursday night! you should just go out and have some fun!
keep up with this fresh remix from  Lapalux!

Abel - Skipping Puddles (Lapalux Remix) by Lapalux

Listen More:


CREEP .days

I fell in love with this video and this song, when it came out in January. yesterday I heard again and thought I should share.

The voice of Romi Madley-Croft from The XX is undeniably beautiful and unmistakable.
This video, which I love, was Directed by Fischerspooner's Warren Fischer. It Has Already Been nominated for Best Video and Best Cinematography at the Camerimage Prestigious Film Festival.

"Days"is a ghostly blend of Romy's ethereal voice and CREEP's sinister beats, blending tones of goth, shoegaze and R & B to create orchestral soundscapes and darkly prophetic. On the 12 'release, Deadboy turns' Days' em to two-step, dancefloor melancholia.

You Can listen the remix from Deadboy here!



A Playground Entertainment começa a sua era na sexta feira, dia 25 de março com a #1 edição no Space Lisboa.

Atrás dos pratos vão estar uma série de artistas que representam o que melhor se faz a nível nacional e internacional na àrea do Drum & Bass. O cabeça de cartaz para esta estreia é o britanico CALLIDE,pela 1ª vez em lisboa, produtor de uma das faixas mais ouvidas de 2010, a "Supreme" e um dos artistas com gra...nde nome numa das maiores editoras de D&B da actualidade - a RAM RECORDS de Andy C best world dnb dj.

A partilharem a cabine com Callide vão estar alguns dos nomes mais respeitados do drum nacional. DJ ODER, cuja actuação em Lisboa é desde há muito aguardada após o sucesso extraordinário das suas produções, editadas na System Shock (UK), na MIR Records (Suécia) e da sua remistura do tema "Warp 1.9" dos The Bloody Beetroots para a Dim Mak, editora de Steve Aoki. Este DJ e produtor do invicta vai concerteza dar que falar com um set que vai do Jump Up ao Tech.

A abrir as hostilidades, o main dj da Playground Sebastião Delerue vai subir à cabine para estrear um back to back
com Nokin e MC Molin.

A não perder, na sexta feira dia 25 de Março, a primeira de muitas mais Playground DNB Sessions no SPACE LISBOA.

Bilhetes à venda na Supafly , Space , Choose e Playground

Pré-venda: 10€

No dia: 12,50€

+ info:
Rua Isabel Saint-Léger 12 – Alcântara
Lisbon, Portugal, 1300-422 Lisboa

Don't miss it, it's already tomorow!!.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whenever a festival is over, i think this way.
I can't wait for summer to come over .. super bock and outlook (i hope..)


ODDLOGIC new remix ♥

Here is the new and fresh Soosh remix by  Oddlogic.
I'm realy felling it!
Hope you like it

Soosh-missed you tonight (oddlogic remix) by OUTLIER RECORDINGS

Check more and download:


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nosaj Thing - Night Crawler

love this video, love this song, love Nosaj Thing

(thank you Nosaj Thing for this beauties)


GTLK by Andrey Muratov (music: NEBULO • Plasticmare)

Andrey Muratov for GTLK creates mesmerizing video of a ball of ice melting: something so simple should not be this cool looking.
Love it.

GTLK from Andrey Muratov on Vimeo.

Sound Design: Nebulo -


Monday, March 21, 2011


I love this exclusive mix for Les enfants terribles  from Oddlogic, a name you're sure to hear a lot more of in the near future.
His real name is Alex Gohorel. Is a producer/songwriter/DJ based in Brooklyn, NY.
He describes his beats: "Sub-Hop. It's low end heavy, very syncopated, usually down-tempo (or half timed at a higher tempo), and often lo-fi or otherwise distorted and mangled to bits. Salt and pepper to taste."

Listen Love and Download!


1. oddlogic - intro redux
2. WAKE - Marsha Brady (oddlogic edit)
3. oddlogic - lines
4. oddlogic - musht
5. Ben Kruse - Waterfall (oddlogic remix)
6. Jared Mitchell - Nocturne (oddlogic remix)

You can listen and download some of these here:


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar, a 20 year old revelation of electronic music,who have just released his debut album
"Space Is Only Noise".
Jaar has been highly praised by audiences and critics, placing him alongside such artists as James Blake. His jazz influences, names like Keith Jarrett, and all its multiculturalism is reflected in his music, which makes it a little hard to define. The sound is electronic and quiet, great to breathe!

He will be playing in Portugal at the festival Super Bock Super Rock in Meco, on July 14th!
Can't miss it!!

Space is only noise

01. Être
02. Colomb
03. Sunflower
04. Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust
05. Keep Me There
06. I Got A Woman
07. Problems With The Sun
08. Space Is Only Noise If You Can See
09. Almost Fell
10. Balance Her In Between Your Eyes
11. Specters Of The Future
12. Trace
13. Variations
14. ^tre

Nicolas Jaar - Spectures of the future


Fail Forever ( Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Nicolas Jaar- Time for us


Hope you ♥ it!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You

Comming soon???!!


Tonight, Pariah is playing in Lisbon at MUSIC BOX.
He is one of the promising young talents in the UK. All his mixture of different musical styles, results in magical and brilliant sounds, that makes us want to hear it live. I speak for myself.
What about you, are you in??

More info about this event here!

Ps: dont forget to see the super full moon! ♥ 

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Exotique aka Filipe Silva is a revelation that plays for Warface  and SWGR .

Do you know when you are listening your favourite song and it's so good that you can even breathe it, and it creates an explosion of sensations and feelings inside of you? That is what I feel when i hear what he plays. It's really good to hear.  it's relaxing, intimate and quite honestly brings me a certain kind of happiness, since I am a musicaholic..
Right now im listening his latest set and im realy feeling it. it couldn't start in a better way, Seekae - 3.

Listen, love and download  ♥

4.7 : Beats by exotique

More from Exotique

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Party Belas-Artes

Tomorow 17, the night is (once again), at Odessa! Its the party of my Uni ( faculdade de belas artes ) so you can't miss it!
Dj G-Trash, Dj Unite and more will be playing!

Be There and have Fun!!

More info here!


Remember the SWGR night at Odessa?
Here is a video made by João Retorta.
Im loving all this red and dark light and the capture of all the details.

Check it and Love it.

SWGR vol I from SW GR on Vimeo.

In this video: Carolina from last minute dreams, Exotique, Sergio, Sinner, VoodookidLili ♥ , Vanessa from pure-loversme and some more...

SWGR on vimeo.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's all about the earth

Enjoy this earth beats.

Take- Before you think

15: Insects from Earthlapse on Vimeo.

Teebs- Humming Birds

14: Humming Birds / Flowers from Earthlapse on Vimeo.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tall Prawn collective

Recently i've discovered on soundcloud the collective of Tall Prawn : Danaet, Zack Christ and Rumle.
Im loving all of them, specially Zack Christ.

Keep with the ones i love the most:

Rumle- Sun is out (Zack Christ Resnap)

Rumble- Sun Is Out (Zack Christ Resnap) by breathing beats

Soosh- Friday feelings (Danaet Refeel)

Soosh - Friday Feelings (Danaet Refeel) by Danaet

Zack Christ- Hach me (Steadybeat No.2)

zack christ - Hach Me (Steadybeat No. 2) by Tall Prawn

Check more and download on soundcloud:


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Youandewan Youandme

Im in love with the dreamy melodies from the track Zeal from Youandewan.
Just like Skream said on the UK’s Rinse FM, Ewan is “a big artist to watch out for.”  

Listen and love it:


Here is the new album + Dome from Sydney Electronica boys Seekae.
This is one of those albuns you really can't miss it and that you will listen over and over again (and loud)!
"+Dome’ is jam-packed full of fat beats, soft spaces, plenty of diversity and enough synthesizers, drum machines and glockenspiels to wow your head off!"

So do your ears a favor and give them the pleasure of hearing this wonder!
My fav: 3, Blood Bank, Mingus

Hope you love it as much as i do!


Listen and download Blood Bank here!

Friday, March 11, 2011

SWGR vol.1 Review

Last night i went to Odessa (that kind of bar that was really missing in Lisbon) to this SWGR vol1 party. It was really nice. The place, the people, the music!
ExotiqueSérgio and VoodooKid really made my night.
I loved it and for the ones who missed it (too bad), here is a tracklist, a small review of the night:

Ital Tek- Spectrum Falls
Baths- Lovely Bloodflow
Mount Kimbie- Carbonated
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason - Lo-Fi-Ve (Original Mix)
Mount Kimbie- Mayor
Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don't Know) What you Want
Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie XX - NY Is Killing Me
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
Slugabed - Donky Stomp
Slim Thug - Like A Boss
Girl Unit - Wut
Aslope - Mercury Mouth
Pariah-Detroit Falls

Enjoy ♥

Ital Tek - Spectrum Falls by bar1

Baths - Lovely Bloodflow by sjalusi

Mount Kimbie - Carbonated by subraw

Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason - Lo-Fi-Ve (Original Mix) by bar1

Mayor by mountkimbie

Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don't Know) What you Want by blogtracks

Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie XX - NY Is Killing Me by PhonoPhono

Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo by Starlightkru

Slugabed - Donky Stomp by FiftyFifty

Slim Thug - Like A Boss by LaFouine

Girl Unit | Wut by Schu 7

Aslope - Mercury Mouth by aslope

Pariah-Detroit Falls by bar1

Waiting for SWGR vol 2!