Friday, April 20, 2012

Question 'Bows' / Erykah Badu 'Gon Baby, Don't Be Long'

One of the things that I love is when I'm listening some random tune and I can relate it immediately to another one.. sometimes I'm not that shrewd, but I won't stop my research till I find that tune, that is playing in my head, and I just can't remember the name! (Sometimes I have wait for that random moment when it plays somewhere and suddenly you remember!) I'm sure this already happened to you.. and yeah, here's one of those cases.. The other day I was listening this tune 'Bows' from Question, and instantly came to my mind the Erykah Badu's lovely track 'Gone Baby, Don't Be Long'.  Love both! But Erykah wins here!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Breathing Beats & Kings of Wisdomtown

I've started a collaboration with the lovely blog Kings of Wisdomtown. There you can find some cool stuff about photography, art, architecture and music, basically about all types of art. I'll make a weekly playlist, with some beauties that will seduce the visitors of the blog. Now they can check the things they love while listening to some nice music.  This is the first playlist, hope you enjoy! And follow the blog here!      

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Brainchild Festival

Brainchild Festival  is the result of 'amazing amounts of communal effort, love and brainsex.'
A 3 day festival in a massive field in Wokingham, that came up with the desire to gather some of the talented and creative artist out there, that have so much to show to the world and that deserve to be supported. An amazing idea, that I'm totally fan of. Three days full of music, comedy, films, talks and much more!
The line up is already out, you can check here some of the names that were announced today! And you can also buy your tickets here!! Grab yours as fast as you can cause they are quite cheap and it's a small festival so it will sell out! If you're near make sure that you go! I wouldn't miss it! It will be super great!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


CHAINLESS, another young producer from Lisbon, has dropped yesterday his debut Ephemera EP, a 6 track EP, all made really fast, one after another, where everything is in the right place, even if all of them kinda feel incomplete. Not that it's a bad thing, actually I think it's pretty cool. Cause when your listening a track and suddunly it ends, you're like, wtf I want more! but right after it starts another banger so your desire it's already satisfied. It's a safe way of not being bored of one track, you actually want to listen it againg and again. My favorites are Metropolis and Antzo II, the 3:20 min of the EP that are on repeat.  
There's also a pretty nice remix from IVVVO (another Portuguese producer that you must check if you don't know him). Take a listen and support!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flamingo Bay . Redd Lake

Flamingo Bay is the combination of two portuguese producers from Lisbon, Mnge and  Galaxy Mirrors.
'Redd Lake' is their first track, a beautiful and classy first piece where everything just sounds too good. Love the vocals and the fact that everything thats happens here is in the right place. Kinda proud to hear something so good from friends. I bet that after this you will search for more, but unfortunatly this is the only thing from Flamingo Bay till now.  They are already working on the EP, so stay tunned cause I will share it with you when it will be released! Anyway, you can/should check their solo projects! Also great, with some more dope stuff like this!

You can download this track here!

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Breathing Beats exclusive mix # 6 by Emylis

Emylis is a Lithuanian dj that it's currently living in Lisbon. 
All his desire to become a dj came by the age of 13, when he first saw the videos of "Technics DMC championship". So, instead of learning how to mix, he started to learn how to scratch first.
Since scratching is closely related with Hip-Hop music, he started discovering this style and was purely a hip-hop dj for the first 4 years of his career. Attended national MC battles, hip-hop parties and played at events with grand artists like Jeru Tha Damaja, Loop Troop, Ugly Duckling, & Dead Prez.
Since he has a comprehensive approach in terms of music, soon started looking after the roots of hip-hop & discovered funk, soul & reggae music. Shortly he started combining these styles and discovered groovy beats & breaks, disco and broken beat. This improvement led him to become one of the the most wanted djs at the national "Urban Dance" tournaments for the last 4 years and to enter more variable venues as a dj.
Over time, he met more styles, added some electronic spice to his sets and fell in love with what we call "electronic beats" music. Last 3 years closely followed this type of sound and was one of the first few diggers & developers of this style in the night of Lithuania.
He moved to London to gain more musical experience, and there he formed a solid taste for uk funky, dub-step and house music. But long term desire to discover warmer culture and lifestyle brought him to Portugal, to Lisbon, wheres he's currently living.

Breathing Beats just had the pleasure to have an exclusive mix made by him. Since he has a wide 
musical knowledge, and he likes to mix a bit of everything, in this mix you will experience a trip that goes from hip hop to some experimental, tropical, electronic dance music.
A very eclectic mix with a great selection that you won't get bored. Trust me. (I'm in love with the first track)

Twit One - Melikeyou
Nick Wisdom - Alien Kiss
1000names - Water Resistant Rakete
Architeq - Odyssey (Dan Lissvik Long Version)
CH Beats - Mad Mind Riddim
Leonard Dstroy - ADHD PART THREE
Klear - Dekryptic
Guts - Little black cat
Onra - They Got Breaks Two
Richy Pitch - Ninsou (Feat. Kwesi Dankwa)
Aeroc - For Sake
Drop Logik - Hear To Wear
Tom Trago, Awanto 3, Alfabet - Lap the Music (Original Mix)
Milyoo - Colours
FaltyDL - Atlantis
Nite Jewel - Want You Back
Kastle - Could U Want Me (Chaos In The CBD Remix)
Radiohead - Little By Little [Shed RMX]
FaltyDL - The Sale Ends
Stagga - Be The Generals (Dev79 Remix)
Stagga - Wild For The Night (Doshy Remix)
Komonazmuk - Night At Deluxe
Enei - Late Detroit
Sugarpill - dead battery
MiM0SA - Dirty Money
Salva - Komodo
Elefo - I Was Afraid

You can also check his mix for Vodafone fm here!

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