Friday, April 1, 2011

Elaquent .The Midnight After

It's out! the new Elaquent album "Midnight After" ! it's really calm, jazzy, with hip hop influences and that atmosphere sounds. i love it.

"Every track was carefully crafted, ordered, and composed in such a way to tell a story..or a soundtrack of the night life. I really wanted people to listen to it at night and feel that they were immersed in that atmosphere.”

"Anybody who has checked out my 2009 release 'After Midnight' should already understand the vibe i was going for. If you havent heard After Midnight, then allow me to elaborate. Midnight soul shit. Certain sounds resonate more after dark, than before dark. something about the night skies, the moon, the crickets. jazzy, smooth, vibin type music. As i always say, perfect is boring. Tracks are a bit lo fi and sloppy. but so is life. Take your jacket off, stay for a while. Grab your Rye and Coke. I tried to create an atmosphere that will set the mood right. Studying. Drinking. Smoking. Romance. Just do me a favor and play it at night. Shoutouts to Marv Won, Mr Brady, O-Phrap, Es, Solar-C, and Phillipe Edison for helping me realize the vision. Highest praises to the whole HW&W team. Ok. Less reading, more vibing.
Enjoy." - sona (eq)

L i s t e n  a l l  a l b u m

(Love French Vanilla)

E N J O Y ♥

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