Saturday, April 2, 2011


Airhead,  a production partner of James Blake’s, the pair’s single "Lock in the lion" and "Pembroke" for the BRAiNMATH label was superb, "Pembroke was one of the first tracks to appear under the Airhead & James Blake moniker, which came out in March of 2010. It is an amputated delirious track, forcing you to move your head from one side to another. It's definitely got the Blake undercurrent."
Airhead’s solo ambient jaunt "Paper Street" is a tune that collides and shatters soulfully, welding melodies together. Something very dramatic and naive about it all.

Blake and Airhead grew up together, played in bands and went to school together. Out of the post-dubstep ashes came a flurry of very young and eager producers in London, all fielding the same kind of music, namely Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison and James Blake.

"Mary Anne Hobbs called Airhead's music "deeply emotive, breathtaking and very special." The dude is lovely, down to earth and ready for some serious attention"

I really love this three tunes,

L i s t e n  l o v e  a n d  d o w n l o a d :

Airhead & James Blake - Lock In The Lion by breathing beats

Airhead and James Blake - Pembroke by breathing beats

Airhead - Paper Street by breathing beats

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