Thursday, April 28, 2011

G r o u n d i s l a v a

Jasper Patterson aka Groundislva, is another guy from Wedidit Collective. Is noticeable all the influences of video games, sci-fi sounds and general aesthetics of the 1980′s. This Groundislava‘s debut LP on Friends of Friends, is full of electronic music, drum beats, heavy bass drops and soaring vocal melodies.

1. Pregaming The Rapture
2. Panorama ft. Jake Weary
3. A Grass Day
4. Young Lava
5. Final Impasse
6. The Dig (Digital + 7″ only)
7. Animal ft. Jake Weary
8. Shlava ft. Shlohmo & JonWayne
9. Stealth River Mission
10. New Flesh (Digital only)
11. Gravity Hoarding ft. Jake Weary
12. One For Her
13. Animal (Young Montana? remix) (Digital only)
14. Panorama (Clive Tanaka y Beaunoise remix) (Digital + 7″ only)

Here is the new Official video of Animal ft. Jake Weary
E n j oy

Groundislava - Animal ft. Jake Weary from FoF Music on Vimeo.

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