Thursday, January 19, 2012

Outsourced vol.V by Outlier Recordings

Outlier Recordings is back with a new and huge compilation , Outsourced vol.V. Contains some really dope young producers, that have created here a super spacy atmosphere. This 25 tracks just flows perfectly. It's fresh, beautiful, chilled, and full of different beats that will take your attention. Big up for all the producers, they made a really good work.
Support them and buy this here!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Greenwood Sharps . Things Familiar

Greenwood Sharps is a music producer from London. Things Familiar EP is his first official release, released on May 2011. It's not that new but it's still fresh, so deserves to be shared with you.
Full of beautiful melodies that creates an amazing atmosphere. The 3rd track, 'Things Familiar', is super lovely, reminds me a little of shlohmo .
Hope to see more from him in 2012!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gem Drops Two

Dropping Gems released today their second compilation Gem Drops Two. An amazing compilation with exclusive material, from great producers like Mndsgn, S.maharba, Daedelus, Co.Fee, D33J, Nocow, Stangeloop, and also some fresh new material from the collective's members like Timeboy, DJAO, Gumar, Rap Class, Citymouth, Natasha Kmeto. You can fell all this mixture of different electronic vibes, some more chilled, others more vibrant.  I'm really in love with the track from S.maharba, DJAO, D33J (I love him) .
All of the money raised by Gem Drops Two will be donated to theirs friends at the American Cancer Society to support cancer research, in the same manner as the first Gem Drops compilation. So listen, love, download, donate 

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Lovebox Jukebox #4 - L a p a l u x

This is the 4th mixtape of Lovebox Jukebox made by Lapalux! I'm in love with this selection! I really had to share it here! It's perfect!  

Here is a small interview made by Lovebox:

What is your favourite old / classic track?
Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in LA

What is current favourite new track?
ASAP Rocky - Brand New Guy

What was your first club experience?
Either the mint one or the orange one, i dont remember which but i still enjoy the taste of both, the fruit one is boss too. "If you like alot of chocolate on your biscuit join the club".

What's your favourite current London club night?
The dingy back alleys of London's most grotty boroughs

What is your guilty pleasure?
Club biscuits

What are the three biggest loves in your life?
Me and You and Everyone We Know

Lovebox Jukebox #4 - Lapalux by Lovebox Official

Bill Evans - Jade visions (take 2)
Four Tet - Reversing
S. Maharba - Afternoon
Lapalux - Time Spike Jamz
Ethan Rose - Song One
Broadcast - Come on Lets Go
Four tet - A Joy (Koushik's Quick Mix)
Lapalux - There Are Monsters In This Bed
Mount Kimbie - Before I Move Off
Juj - Soulbounce
ASAP Rocky - Peso
Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx - Nightcall
Slug and PNS - Wooden Ships
Dj Screw - Inside looking out
Aphex Twin - Green Calx
John Klemmer - Let me touch the wind

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