Wednesday, February 8, 2012

S h l o h m o . Vacation

Yesterday was released by Friends Of Friends, Shlohmo's new EP 'Vacation'. With three original tracks and four remixes from Nicolas Jaar, Airhead, Salva, Groundislava and also some more, like the one from Teebs, that will be released only digitally.
Once again, he makes it perfect. I think that Bad Vibes somehow was turning too repetitive, but this one came to break that! The vocals, the organic sounds, the water drops, the guitar, the glass sounds, everythings works perfectly together. He says this EP is more danceable and more electronic, but still is dreamy and very emotive I think (it's just the way he makes it, and i love it) . Im in love with 'The Way U Do, those vocals and the combination with some hip hop vibes.. Seriously, you got me!

Here it is. The Way U Do

And this beauty that dropped yesterday, Shlohmo and Teebs!!! Lovely surprise!

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