Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Berlin // CTM Festival

So I’m back from Berlin! What an amazing city! I met really nice people! People that follow my blog, people from other blogs/music scene like Hyphae, TodaysArt, a Portuguese producer Aceloria, and a lot more! (Have to thank all of them for making this trip a so much better one). In one week, between all the touristic part, visiting museums, and CTM,  I went to 4 parties, starting in a Sunday night with Ben UFO, Appleblim, Shackleton and Shed, that was really cool, full of people dancing all night and everyone was crazy. Then, Tuesday went to one of the CTM’s night at Kantine and Berghain. What a cool club, seriously, never heard anything like that, the place is awesome, I was shaking with that soundsystem! Amazing! Then Thursaday was  the Triangle Showcase with Balam Acab, oOoOO, Holy Other and Kuedo. When I arrived, oOoOO was playing 'No Way Back' and was so lovely! Right on time! After that was Balam Acab, have to say that he didn’t impressed me so much, wasn’t very exciting, but Holy Other was so intense! With that soundsystem of Berghain, jesus was perfect! And Kuedo also killed it! Was realllly good! With some gangsta vibes also, just couldn’t stop dancing! And he looks sexy when he’s playing! Then Saturday night, went to Gretchen, where was playing Shlohmo, Salva, Hudson Mohawke and Delfonic. What can I say about this night!!?? For me was perfect! I love Shlohmo maybe too much, so for me, watching him playing live was really like a dream coming true.. sounds cheesy I know, but that’s the true.. when I saw him, I felt happiness floating all over me!  When he played his burial remix I had goose bumps of happiness, I almost couldn’t breathe with everything that I was feelling.. and I love how he plays! He just don’t give a fuck and dances/ acts kinda crazy, but I love it! The way he feels his music makes me feel it even more! I think i've never felt like that while i was listening to someone else playing.. really too strong feelings! I was just sad for not having the opportunity to talk with him, but more opportunities will come (I hope!) Then Salva was also a fucking badass! And Hudson also!! I think I really improved my gangsta moves that night! Pretty fucking good night/s!
CTM was great, Berlin IS great, everything, except the cold (-14 that felt like -20)!  See you soon Berlin! For sure!

This was/and will be definitly the song that i will always remember from this trip. One of the highest points! Thanks Shlohmo 


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  1. omg i feel exactly the same way about shlohmo no worries you aren't alone in this obsession LOL