Sunday, May 8, 2011

S. m a h a r b a

S. maharba is a producer and artist from England’s Eastern region, Ipswich, whose gloomy, atmospheric and highly original beats have caught the attention of listeners all over the world. The name is notoriously surrounded with images of pin-up girls, however not much is known of the person behind this masquerade of 1970’s sex idols.
I really love his work, all those deep and brilliant tracks. It's a must check!

S. maharba- Jacket Switch

S. maharba - Briefcase Found

This is a a mixtape for Error Broadcast made 6 months ago, but i love it so i share it

l i s t e n l o v e d o w n l o a d

On May 17th, BTS radio will be releasing a very limited mixtape from S.Maharba titled Up In Blood. Limited to 60 copies worldwide, the cassette will be available exclusively through this web store. There will be no digital release or stream for Up In Blood. So make sure you'll be one of the 60!

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