Monday, May 9, 2011

L i s b o n Y o u t h . P e d r o M a t o s

Lisbon Youth #1 - Pedro Matos from João Retorta on Vimeo.

Lisbon Youth is a series of short films by João Retorta, a young movie maker from Lisbon, Portugal. In this series, João will showcase the work and life youngsters in Lisbon's underground cultual scene that are making a difference in contemporary culture.
In the first episode, João visited the studio of Pedro Matos - a 21 year-old painter and street artist currently living and working in Lisbon - while he was working for his upcoming solo show at the White Walls and the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, USA.( For those who don't know Pedro's work, make sure you check it out right now!)
The movie was shot and edited by João Retorta and the soundtrack is "Bamboo" -  my favourite track from the amazing new EP Bamboo by Die Von Brau, also a young music producer from Lisbon that i've shown you some weeks ago, check it here! The EP is really beautiful! do your ears a favour and listen to it!

MUST Check more from all this talented youth:ãoRetorta


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