Monday, May 30, 2011

K u t m a h . the new error 2

Justin  KUTMAH Mcnulty, an amazing DJ, producer and visual artist that everyone must check.  The New Error Vol. 2   is the 2nd Edition of a limited-edition three volume mix cd series  released in May 2011, coinciding with KUTMAH’s “Two Soups And A Honeybun” touring art show, containing 25 unreleased beats by MADLIB, FLYING LOTUS, DAKIM, JEREMIAH JAE, MONO/POLY, DIBIA$E, SHLOHMO, SHAFIQ, EPROM, LORN & more, plus original productions by KUTMAH featuring JON WAYNE and ZACKEY FORCE FUNK, as well as two dozen additional tracks including J-ROCC, JAMES BLAKE, LAZER SWORD, BROADCAST, MR. OIZO, VINCENT GALLO and OUTKAST.

You must grab this!! it's reaaalllyy goood! 
Here is the sampler! enjoy!

KUTMAH "The New Error" Vol. 2 (sampler) by HIT+RUN

Must Check his true life story 'i was deported'

PS:  im loving his artwork! The  “Two Soups & A Honeybun”, is the full collection of 39 drawings Kutmah created while he was in prison.

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