Thursday, August 2, 2012

Frank Ocean . channel ORANGE

Some weeks ago Frank Ocean, one of the members of Odd Future, released his super amazing debut Channel ORANGE. An album that can't be ignored, that I'm completely in love! When the album dropped, I checked it all and I loved some of the tunes right away, but then it just got lost in my iTunes so I didn't hear it again..  After some days, I was in vacation, chilling and I decided to listen it all again and that was when I realized that the more I listened to the album, the more I liked it! It's really amazing! All the lyrics and the beats are so beautiful..  Thinking About You, Sierra Leone, Sweet Life, Lost, Crack Rock, Bad Religion, Pink Matter and Golden Girl ft. Tyler.. are all my favorites!
It was also pretty amazing when I read his "thank you's" message (that you can/should read here), where he writes some really strong and honest words, revealing that he's gay and some other facts of his life. A really emotional message that I have to confess that touched me, and made me listen to the album in another way.
I also fell in love with his first TV performance at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, performing his single "Bad Religion", it was so beautiful with the string orchestra.. please check it here!
Thank you Frank for this epic album and your so honest and lovely words ♥ 

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  1. adorei o teu blog!

    1. obrigada!! :) continua a seguir para ouvires mais coisinhas boas!