Sunday, July 22, 2012

Klaus Layer (Captain Crook)

Soooo, I just discovered Klaus Layer aka or pka Captain Crook, and OH MA DAYYYSS, this guy really knows how to put your ears and your head shaking all over! His beats are killing me! So Fucking dope!
Just try to put your headphones really loud and feel the bass! Daammn!!
From what i've read, he's from Germany and we can totally feel and hear the influence of the local graffiti scene and the 90's hip hop in his work.
Just make a favor to your ears, go to his soundcloud and listen to every single tune! Really loud! (It's super good)

I found him today when I saw this video below and I had to search right away for more of his stuff.
Every tune that i've heard was a banger!
Just feel and breathe the beats!

Check more:


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