Saturday, December 10, 2011

S e k u o i a . T r i p s

Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen aka Sekuoia, member of Kilimanjaro, is another 19-year-old producer from Denmark. He released yesterday (9.12), his Trips EP by Fødselsdagsbarnets Pladeselskab, a small, Copenhagen/Holstebro based, record label. I think this is one of those pearls that I find randomly and I fall in love immediatly. It's so beautiful, it just reminds me of Shlohmo (maybe it's too similar, but maybe that's why I love it), specially "Can't be loved" and "Something we lost", those are just perfect! It's so soft, so calm, those vocals, it's really my thing.
Please check the rest of his stuff, I really love the Sigur Rós Remix.
You can/must buy the Trips EP here!

Sekuoia - Trips by Fødselsdagsbarnets Rec.

Check more:
Soundcloud- Sekuoia
Facebook- Foedselsdagsbarnets pladeselskab


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