Wednesday, December 7, 2011

R a j a . C o l o r

Chester Anand aka RAJA, is a 19-year-old producer from New York, formerly known as InfinityRock.
I found this some weeks ago, and I loved it right away, from the beginning till the end. 'Color' is the 3rd Part of The October Series, a trilogy of themed mixtapes. This one is very personal, and it's dedicated to Raja's grandmother. It's a bit jazzy, in some tunes we can hear the piano (that i love). Sometimes actually remind me a little of James Blake. We can also hear RAJA's voice for the first time in his tunes, in Luv (Someone else) and You. I was going to mention that I love The storm, Dimond life and and and, It's hard to choose.
It's really an amazing album, and the rest of his stuff are great also, so go check it!

l i s t e n l o v e a n d d o w n l o a d

Download here!

Here is also his new official video for the track Vapor Trails

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