Thursday, September 1, 2011

T s h i r t s

I love t-shirts t-shirts and more t-shirts! So I've decided to create some for Breathing Beats. For that, I've made all this different phrases to print on them, and then just put some pixie dust for coloring! I've made some experiences, but I'm still improving. Will be on sale soon!
What do you think? Like?

Here are some of the experiences I've made.



  1. love it! optima ideia :) eu compro!

  2. Ainda bem q gostas! se tiveres interessada depois manda mail a dizr a frase q queres e o tamanho ;)

  3. Não será "listening to music" em vez de "listening music"? A liberdade "artística" termina onde começa a gramática.