Monday, September 5, 2011

L u n i c e

I've been so addicted to Lunice, a Canadian beat-maker, DJ and dancer (yeah he knows how to cook the burguers and the soup)! Anyway, he released some weeks ago his new album 'One Hunned', which i'm really into! Been listening and dancing it all the time! I also love the video that i've posted some days ago for the track 'Glow', its so nice (if you haven't seen it check it here)!
Must really grab his album and all his remixes! And if you have the opportunity to watch him playing live, pleaaasseee goo! and dance like you don't care! #SWAG

Here is a preview of the album but you can also stream and buy it here! 

LM009 - LUNICE - ONE HUNNED by LuckyMe Music.Art.Parties

'Hitmane's Anthem' from his EP Stacker Upper

Hitmane's Anthem - Lunice by kronika

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