Wednesday, August 3, 2011

X p e r i m e n t

Courtland Urbano aka Xperiment from Portland, US, is a  a member of the Hip Hop creative collective Humble Beast
All his tracks are brilliant! I'm really in love with all his respectfull and amazing work! Must check it all at his Soundcloud! Also you can Download here the Xperiment album 'Precipitaion: The Soundcloud Collection'.

' Hip Hop music has no doubt grown from its explosive beginnings but unfortunately in many ways detrimental to its participants. Never the less like all viable art forms there are those who take hold of what they know to be true and build upon it. Those are the sounds of Xperiment. Organic samples combined with technological rhythms, utilizing anything to create one of a kind beats. His ear will hear what most do not and what is sampled in most cases ends up completely different than its original composition. One of the most important elements of Boom Bap is exactly that, powerful drums over thought provoking melodies. Xperiment’s beats showcase a style of progression and the foundations of Hip Hop’s origins in ways of no comparison.

Xperiment masterfully composes musical combinations; nothing is untouchable to the creative mind of this producer. He is rooted in the origins of Hip Hop music and its culture but creates with the intention of bringing his reflection of this art form. This producer uniquely has the ability to challenge and stretch all forms of vocalism. Any partnership will no doubt yield a fresh contribution to your expression. Always on the grind building his library of beats, he is also willing to produce customized instrumentals specific to multiple projects. The culture of music only continues to grow when individuals are connecting to move it forward. Xperiment is a prodigy who’s music will not cease until perfection and who is not satisfied with anything less.'

Check this music video and some tracks i love!
E n j o y

Streetlights - Isaiah 53 - Othello from ALERT on Vimeo.

Wait & See by XperimentBeats

Pockets by XperimentBeats

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