Tuesday, August 9, 2011

S h l o h m o . B a d V i b e s

The young talented producer Henry Laufer aka Shlohmo is by far, my latest favorite artist/musician. Everything he does is so pure and magic! Like his new album released today! A proper full-length debut album for the Friends of Friends label called 'Bad Vibes'. Its a breath of fresh air to my ears and soul, combines 'deceptively simple and emotive melodies, subtle bass drops and swinging slow motion drums'. I've heard all the album and once again i just fell in love with all the songs!So Brilliant, so Good! I really have to say, Thank you Henry for all the happiness and explosion of feelings that your music provides me!
So just do yourself a favour, buy the album here, put your headphones in, volume up, and ignore the world!
♥ ♥  

Check one of the lovely tunes ' Just us '


1. Big Feelings
2. Places
3. Anywhere But Here
4. It Was Whatever
5. Parties
6. Just Us
7. Sink
8. I Can't See You I'm Dead
9. Trapped In A Burning House
10. Get Out
11. Your Stupid Face
12. Seriously
13. Same Time

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  1. I could not agree more. Shlohmo's work is incredibly impressive and inspirational. I just ordered the album myself.. On vinyl! Have to say I can't freaking wait!

  2. I completely love his work! lucky! i would be in the same excitement!