Monday, June 20, 2011

S i n a

Barry Gordon aka Sina is a producer from Belfast, Britain. "Crunchy trip hop beats, frosted recitals, delicately cantering melodies and an engagement of a stilled twilight sereneness empower these ambi-rustic gems with a measured allure. Sina draws an exquisite fine line between melody and atmosphere, these sculptured suites though snow drilled are tendered with an affecting vividly warming radiance." Im loving his expression that really reflects his music: "I am trying to break your heart..." I actually can feel my heart broken when I'm listening to the most perfect tune and suddenly it ends ..

Here is a lovely new tune! You can download this and a lot more on his soundcloud.

E n j o y !

Sina. - All Alone by Sina.

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  1. barry's work is the shit! more of this please!