Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breathing Beats exclusive mix#1 by Oddlogic

Alex Gohorel aka Oddlogic from OUTLIER RECORDINGS, is a young talented dj and producer from Brooklyn. He made this exclusive mix for Breathing Beats with lots of good and unreleased goodies!!  Great work! Make sure you check him out!!

L i s t e n L o v e A n d D o w n l o a d

Breathing Beats exclusive mix # 1 by ODDLOGIC by Breathing Beats

1. oddlogic-Inciser [unreleased]
2. oddlogic-Headsplosion ['CHEAT TAPE'-OUTLIER RECORDINGS]
3. oddlogic-Evening Textures (Woulg remix) [unreleased]
4. oddlogic-Gogol [unreleased]
5. oddlogic-BLAZAR [unreleased]
6. Broke-Matsumaru's Revenge (oddlogic edit)
7. Horse Feathers- Curs in the Weeds (oddlogic remix)
8. Handbook- Go Somewhere Nice (oddlogic rework)
9. oddlogic- Don't you make no noise [unreleased]
10.oddlogic- Some Fraud [unreleased]
11.Philip Glass- Opening (oddlogic rework)
12.oddlogic- Flutter [unreleased]
13.Half Rational Animal- Guns in the Ground (oddlogic remix) ['Colors in the Clouds Remixes'-OUTLIER RECORDINGS]

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