Monday, March 14, 2011

Tall Prawn collective

Recently i've discovered on soundcloud the collective of Tall Prawn : Danaet, Zack Christ and Rumle.
Im loving all of them, specially Zack Christ.

Keep with the ones i love the most:

Rumle- Sun is out (Zack Christ Resnap)

Rumble- Sun Is Out (Zack Christ Resnap) by breathing beats

Soosh- Friday feelings (Danaet Refeel)

Soosh - Friday Feelings (Danaet Refeel) by Danaet

Zack Christ- Hach me (Steadybeat No.2)

zack christ - Hach Me (Steadybeat No. 2) by Tall Prawn

Check more and download on soundcloud: