Friday, March 25, 2011

Radiohead .King of limbs

Sure that you guys have already heard about the new album from Radiohead, "King of limbs".
It's too early to say that this could be Radiohead's best album to date, because "In Rainbows" was actualy one of those albuns that was played on my ipod, over and over again, and I never had enough, it is absolutely beautiful!
This one is also very good. Some say that some of their songs are weird, but it is precisely that, all the strangeness and versatility of their songs, that I love.

What does Thom Yorke hears on your iPod? According to some data from his office, the musician has heard artists like The XX, Burial and Four Tet. He is Dubstep fan, one of his favorite artists is Emika from Ninja Tune. In its playlist is also many themes of Bach.

We can just notice all those musical influences such as burial, four tet, Emika in this song "Fera" from the new album. I realy love it!

Please go check the new album!
You can listen all here!
Hope you like it!


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