Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rafiq Bhatia . Sons of the Morning Remixes

As you might know, Teebs and Perfuse 73 joined to create a new project - Sons of the Morning
I've heard or just read one day on Twitter that an album or something would come out one day ( I really hope so! Because they make a beautiful job together). 
Here are two remixes from Rafiq Bhatia's new EP Strata. The first one is a really beautiful (but short) remix of "Sunshower" (producers shouldn't make good tunes so short!) In the second one there's no reference to the track but it's amazing as well. It's so good to hear the influences of Teebs here!
Just hope to hear more from this lovely collab really soon!
You can check more about this EP here!
(in love with the artwork)

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