Thursday, April 5, 2012


CHAINLESS, another young producer from Lisbon, has dropped yesterday his debut Ephemera EP, a 6 track EP, all made really fast, one after another, where everything is in the right place, even if all of them kinda feel incomplete. Not that it's a bad thing, actually I think it's pretty cool. Cause when your listening a track and suddunly it ends, you're like, wtf I want more! but right after it starts another banger so your desire it's already satisfied. It's a safe way of not being bored of one track, you actually want to listen it againg and again. My favorites are Metropolis and Antzo II, the 3:20 min of the EP that are on repeat.  
There's also a pretty nice remix from IVVVO (another Portuguese producer that you must check if you don't know him). Take a listen and support!

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