Wednesday, March 14, 2012

T o r u s EP

Joeri Woudstra aka Torus is an 18-year-old producer from The Hague. A young talented producer who is standing out among thousands of others with the release of his debut EP! I was waiting for this since early February! And it's finally out! A super cohesive EP, with soft beautiful sounds that drives you to an amazing dream. The EP starts with "Blurred", a deep and dark tune with ghostly vocals but still with some sweet touch. We softly jump to "Cavemonsters are Kind". If this track was a cavemonster, he wouldn't only be kind but also one of the loveliest monsters on earth, floating somewhere in his dream. In "Forest" I can actually visualize a hunter walking in a dark and scary forest.  Then "Knocks" is such a beautiful track, those ghostly vocals makes it so deep and mysterious. "Monday Masses" is another lovely one, the water bubbles and the nature noises transport me to a dreamy atmosphere that continues in "Vocaldonuts" with those lovely volcals. There are still two great remixes, one from Dynooo and other from Slugabed.
Have to admit that some of the tracks here sound a bit like shlohmo but that doesn't depriciates the wonderfull work that Joeri made here.
After this and after listening the whole EP, i'm sure you will want/need/have to buy it, so just do it and support this talented producer that will be the next shit.

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